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Weber, Dickey, & Bellman is a partnership of three attorneys with over 77 years of combined experience. The firm is dedicated to providing quality services and obtaining the best possible results for clients. If you have questions about work injuries, motorcycle accidents, criminal/traffic matters, probate or domestic relations, please call us first. Our attorneys focus on a limited number of practice areas to help usobtain the best possible results. We also have an experienced staff of legal assistants dedicated to providing you with the best and most timely results.

What You Should Know About Job Related Injuries and Illnesses

If you have been injuried or have developed a disease you believe may be a result of your occupation, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits. Injuries can range from incidents such as cuts or bruises to amputations and fatalities. You may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for payment of medical services, compensations for time lost from work, and other monetary benefits.

  • Temporary Total Disability: Temporary Total Disability compensation is available for a work-related injury or illness which requires you to miss eight (8) or more calendar days of work.
  • Permanent Partial Disability: An injured worker becomes eligible for Permanent Partial Disability forty (40) weeks for claims arising from accidents on or before June 30, 2006, and twenty-six (26) weeks for claims arising on or after June 30, 2006, after the last payment of Compensation resulting from an injury. An award is based upon the percentage of impairment and computed with the injuried worker’s wages at the time of the injury.
  • Permanent Total Disability: When an injured worker is determined to be unfit for sustained employment based upon their recognized injuries, a finding of Permanent Total Disability may occur. Benefits are payable for the life of the injured worker.
  • Living Maintenance: If an injured worker is actively involved in an approved rehabilitation program which may enable him or her to return to employment, Living Maintenance payments may be received.
  • Wage Loss: When an injured worker is ready and able to return to work and they are actively seeking employment, but a job within their restrictions cannot be found, Non-working Wage Loss may be available. When an injured worker returns to work they suffer a loss of wages due to injury caused limitations, up to 200 weeks of Working Wage Loss may be available as supplemental income.
  • Lump Sum Settlement: Often the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or the injured worker’s employer may be willing to negotiate a final settlement in lieu of continual payments of wage and/or medical benefits. It is important that the full value of the injury claim be recognized in order to maximize the settlement benefits.
  • Other Possible Benefits: Additional awards and benefits that may be available include death awards, amputation awards, loss of use awards, violation of specific safety requirements and facial disfigurements awards.


          If you have a Workers’ Compensation claim, you should be represented by an attorney who is Certified as a Workers’ Compensation Specialist. Employers are often represented by attorneys and/or consultants regarding Workers’ Compensation claims. They do not work for you…protect your rights and let an experienced Certified Specialist represent you. Workers’ Compensation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.*

          Call today for your no-obligation, confidential consultation. (513) 621-2260.

           *Percentages are computed before deduction of expenses. In the event of an adverse decision, the claimant may still be responsible for expenses or cost.

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